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Sundance Ski Resort Part 2

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Sundance Ride Along Just a couple of weeks ago in Early February 2019 I made a solo trip to...

A Close Call Skiing At Sundance

During a recent trip to Sundance, I was skiing along and had a very close call to hitting another skiier moving at...


Steve Miller Name Steve Miller.... Do you have a band? Funny!  Never hear that one before. What's it like to have a celebrity's name?  Sometimes its fun, other...

Doll Coat Rack

Doll Coat Rack A couple of years ago, my wife was searching for "White Elephant Gifts" for some upcoming holiday parties.  She came across a...

Sundance Ski Resort Part 2

Sundance Ski Resort Part 2 Recently my wife and two daughters went skiing at Sundance Ski Resort.  It's located about 20 minutes from our home....

Sundance Ski

Sundance Ski Resort Sundance Utah My wife Lorna, my daughters Audrey and Grace went skiing for MLK day. Unfortunately we have had very little snow this...



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Sundance Ski

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