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I am from a small town in Eastern Utah called Roosevelt.  It was evidently named after Theodore Roosevelt.  That’s the story anyway.  There is a bronze bust of Teddy as you arrive in town.  Its a small community with rural sprawl.  It’s in what is called the “Uintah Basin” which is about 20 miles south of the “Uintah Mountain Rage”.  I have been told that the Uintah mountains are the only mountain range in the United States that run East and West.  I’ll let you do with that whatever you choose…

Anyhow, I was born in the sixties and lived in Roosevelt through high school.  I think our graduating high school class was 130 or something.  Like I said, it was a small town.  However I have many tales to tell about my youth and look forward to relaying those stories as blog posts going forward.

Today I’m middle aged guy, living in the heart of “Utah Valley” in a decent sized city named Provo.  Provo’s primary claim to fame is Brigham Young University which is a major employer in our area.  I like living in Provo, my wife is a native of Provo and it’s a great community.

You’ve probably wondered in your mind, since I am a Utah native, is he Mormon?  I’ll put your mind at rest.  Yes, I’m a Mormon.  Leaders of our church have asked us to refer to ourselves as members of “The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-Day Saints”.  This topic is an entire blog unto itself, and I’m not what you would characterize as an overzealous Mormon, so if I refer to church or some philosophy, it’s more than likely rooted in my LDS faith.

Who am I today?

  • My primary identification of who I am is my family.  My wife of 26 years and my five children.  I am her husband and their father.  That’s my core.
    Lorna and Steve Miller
    Lorna and Steve
  • I’m a son and a brother.  Outside my own family is my extended family.  I’m the son of my late father and my deteriorating mother.  I’m also the brother of four brothers and three sisters.  They’re all terrific people.  When I married, I hit the jackpot of in-laws.  My wife’s parents have been nothing but welcoming and accepting.  To say they were awesome would be an understatement.  They have both passed away in the last seven years, but have left a tremendous legacy.  I look forward to sharing information about them in my blog.  In addition, I have brother and sister in laws and they’re all just good people.  In addition, I’m an uncle to some really fantastic nieces and nephews.
Our 2016 Family photo.
  • More Family: I have a gaggle of Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.  Too many to mention.  They come in all shapes, sizes and orientations.  Family reunions are a blast.

A couple of things about me.

  • I’m analytical.  I make observations and then contemplate information and then assess and try to make informed decisions.  I have interest in many things.  I have learned a lot about a lot of stuff, so you’ll see a broad variety of blog topics, posts and videos.
  • Because I think broadly, I struggle to focus.  Most of society see it as a character flaw.  Yeah, well if that is what you think, then I guess I meet your expectation.  A couple of things about it.  A lot of us have it.  It’s not uncommon to find people with broad interests.  As a matter of fact, there have been some names that have sprung up that describe this condition.  One of those names is Multipotentialites.  This condition was really brought to my attention by a TED Talk.  If it’s of interest you can find it on Youtube.  Sometimes people refer to it as a renaissance person a polymath or a McGyver type.  As of now it has over 300,000 views and 6000 likes.
  • I’m creative.  In my youth, I seemed to have some decent art skills.  Unfortunately I didn’t develop those talents which I regret.  Today I imagine things that I would like to invent or create.
  • Play.  I like to play.  More specifically, I like to experience many things and I like to go back to the things that I like.  At this point, I like motorcycles.  I like boating and I use to like to water-ski when I weighed 40 pounds less.  I like recreational vehicles such as ATV’s, Side-by-side’s, snowmobiles and personal watercraft.  I like cars and like the TV programs where people build or restore cars, trucks and motorcycles.
  • I like to eat good food and my wife is a terrific cook, but sometimes I like to cook also.  Don’t be surprised if I post stuff about food.
  • Some people say that I am color blind.  I guess I am color blind by standard definitions.  I’ll write more about this later.
  • I am into technology and the internet and social media.  I’ll share some stuff that I have learned and maybe you can use it for your benefit.

My Work History:

I guess many of us identify with who we are by what we have done for work.  Here’s a few bullet points.


  • Drive tractor for hay hauling crew as a kid.


  • Farm & Ranch.  My dad had some land and some cows.  I learned to cut hay, bale hay and haul hay.  I also fed a lot of cows a lot of hay.
  • Dad owned a department store.  I guess I was a retail attendant-cashier.  Sold cloths, housewares, fabric, sporting goods and miscellaneous stuff.
  • Dad had a couple of properties.  I learned some basic construction.
  • Served an LDS Mission to Sacramento California

90’s and beyond.

  • Became a Stockbroker.
  • Worked at a motorcycle shop.
  • Sold Life Insurance.
  • Worked for a large financial services company.
  • Purchased an insurance franchise of a Nationally Branded Insurance Company.
  • Sold the insurance franchise and brokered some insurance policies as in-between caring for ailing mother and leaning about blogging and internet marketing.
  • As of 2019, launching a digital marketing agency Simple Websites.

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See ya around,